The Best Translation Agencies of 2021 – How to Spot Your Prada in the Land of Knockoffs

26th Jan 2021
Entre Les Lignes

The quest for the best translation service can be a harrowing affair, especially when you have a brilliant document or idea that you urgently want to introduce to the world. Worse still, nearly all of them claim to be the best of the best, the most creative, and naturally – professional to a fault.

Since your time is precious and nothing less than on-brand perfection will do, we’ve come up with a few quick tips and a convenient list to make your journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

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Tip 1: Network!

For many of us, our brands are a little bit like our babies, infinitely precious and only to be entrusted to a dear, worthy few.

And that’s why your search should always start with networking. Trust is the all-important factor in picking a translation agency, and since your circle is bound to know you (and your needs) better than most, they’re the perfect place to begin.

Tip 2: Know whether to go Mainstream or Boutique

Not all great translation services come in small sizes. Depending on the scale of your project, one of the major mainstream online translation services may be the best option for getting the job done and done well. Do the following constraints apply?

  • painfully tight deadlines

  • huge volumes

  • multiple languages

In that case, consider a large agency. We recommend a few of the reliable ones below.

However, if nothing but the best will do, including:

  • precision & finesse

  • high EQ

  • translations and copy tailored with the sophistication of an Hermès scarf…

Then it’s time for one of our best (boutique) translation services. Boutiques take the time to intimately familiarize themselves with your brand to co-curate your project.

Finding your Montblanc for all seasons

Luxury, impeccable design, and the elegance of a finely penned text are Entre Les Lignes’ great loves. We believe in a lifestyle where the good things in life come first, with authenticity and kindness at the heart.

As proof, we’ve crafted a list to help you find the golden-nibbed Montblanc pen to lovingly and artfully translate your brand. It’s a curated selection of the best translation services that you can trust.

Looking for a translation agency that gets luxury, nuance, and keeping your voice on-brand? Get in touch with us today.

The Merits of Mainstream Agencies

What do we mean by “mainstream”? Any translation service company with multiple offices worldwide employing over 500 direct employees and offering over one hundred language combinations. These companies are able to take on massive multilingual jobs and boast impressive in-house and outsourced expertise.

Major mainstream translation services often get a bad rap for being impersonal and being unable to consistently off the same quality. And while it’s true that size can cut down on creativity and agility, we’ve spotted a few exceptions. 

The two we’ve selected have garnered good ratings from their clients, Clutch, and Trustpilot.

Trusted Translations, Inc.

Trusted Translations, Inc. has multiple offices across North America, as well as offices in Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom. With over 1,000 positive reviews on Trustpilot and a whole slew of certifications on hand, they are a major translation service that’s unusually reliable.

 If you are looking for a translation service that can process high volumes with impressive turnaround times, this is your go-to.


Amplexor has 41 offices in 23 countries around the world, over 30 years of experience, and bears the prestigious Ecovadis CSR rating, certifying its transparency, community enrichment, and ethical growth. They hold multiple ISOs, underscoring the quality of their work, and specialize not just in translation, but in digital solutions.

If you need digital solutions or medical expertise, in particular, Amplexor clearly has the upper hand. And of course, customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

Boutique Quality

Boutique translation agencies are the crème de la crème of personalized translation service and a must for any business serious about consistent, on-brand content and translations. They make sure you rise above the maddening crowds with:

  •  Authentic and unparalleled value

  • Creativity & craftsmanship

  • Consistent tone

Boutique Quality

Boutique translation agencies are the crème de la crème of personalized translation service and a must for any business serious about consistent, on-brand content and translations. They make sure you rise above the maddening crowds with:

  •  Authentic and unparalleled value

  • Creativity & craftsmanship

  • Consistent tone

Source: The Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, Wikimedia

Entre les lignes

Entre Les Lignes is incontrovertibly boutique to the core. Nothing sparks joy for us like stepping into your world and using our sixth sense for brand identity to seamlessly harmonize with your frame of mind.

The pleasure and hard work that accompany this process are also what have helped us tell the stories of premium brands like Cowboy and Delvaux in multiple languages so that they resonate beautifully with their target audiences. 

Our aim is to sweep you off your feet with the dexterity and debonaire of the ever-dapper Fred Astaire.

Entre les lignes is precisely where you want to be for top-notch creative content and translations in fashion, design, luxury, and art – with a dollop of genuine kindness on top!

Cultures Connection

Cultures Connection is one of’s top translation services of 2020. While providing general translation services, they specialize in business and marketing texts with an emphasis in SEO tailored services. They have locations in Europe, South American, and the U.S., but their team is small enough to offer the personal approach you need.

For SEO and excellent translations, you can’t go wrong with Cultures Connection.

La Lingua

Belgium-based La Lingua has over 15 years of experience and specializes in tourism and cultural translations with a unique affinity for all things music. You won’t find any fly-by-night translations here, just an intense love of language and high-quality product.

Contact La Lingua up for media-related and cultural translations.


livingword is a translation and transcreation company with a strong focus on translations and content tailored to their clients’ target audiences. This small agency in Derbyshire enjoys a little tongue-n’-cheek humor and successfully steers clear of wooden, overly literal translations.

Livingword infuses rigorous linguistic accuracy with thoughtful creativity and are a natural go-to for catchy branding.


Portaal is the obligatory one-stop-shop in our list, offering a range of solutions from translation to interpretation and language lessons. They cover a range of topics but take a creative, personalized approach to meeting their clients’ needs.

Areas of focus?

We especially recommend Portaal for sworn translations and construction and engineering-related content.


BeTranslated isn’t your run-of-the-mill translation company. They profile themselves as a boutique agency with offices in six different countries, but NOT offices with scads of employees. They operate in tight, independent units that translate into six languages well.

BeTranslated is a solid option for your business and technical texts into English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German.

The McCabe Group

Translation is only a small share of what the McCabe Group offers. They are a small Pennsylvania-based company that offers services in branding, graphic design, emerging platforms (strong digitization focus), 3-D modeling, and more.

If you are on the lookout for a total solutions company that combines translation with a variety of other creative fields, McCabe is a reliable source.

The WILD Card

Found in Translation

We included a wildcard in our Best Boutique Agencies in Belgium post, so we thought it might be nice to give it another whirl. This agency stood out to us because they affirm our own ethic of inclusivity. Who is Found in Translation?

They’re an agency that empowers and employs talented, low-income bilingual women as translators and interpreters to help break the poverty cycle and gender barriers that so many of them face. They focus on:

“reducing racial, ethnic, and linguistic disparities in healthcare by unleashing bilingual talent into the workforce”

Visit their site to see how they are using language to make the world a better place.

A translation by any other name is NOT just as sweet

When looking for the best translation service, being selective is crucial because not all services are equal. Above all, it’s essential to choose a translation agency that offers you genuine value – that transforms your diamond in the rough into a jewel worthy of Tiffany & Co.

Key points to remember:

1.        Check your network first. Chances are that they share your values and insistence on quality.

2.        Select a translation agency that makes an honest effort to get to know you and your brand. It will save you loads of time and heartache!

3.        If you want the best, pick an agency from the list that specializes!

If you want to find your Prada in the land of knockoffs, selectivity is everything. And being selective means (99% of the time) – GO BOUTIQUE. You, your brand, and your translation deserve nothing less than the best.

Entre Les Lignes will always take the time to discover all the marvelous little quirks that make your brand magic and transcreate your text into a piece that makes you glow with pride.

Know thyself and be true…

Before you look for the best translation service for you, make sure to take stock of your needs. Most of us simply aren’t spoiled with limitless time, multilingual genius, or a flair for the written word. Knowing what your priorities are will help you capitalize on this list.

If you’re working against crazy tight deadlines coupled with massive volumes and a dozen or so languages, then your best bet is to go with one of the mainstream agencies in our list. They provide good value and will rescue you in a pinch.

But…if your quest calls for intuition, a high EQ factor, limitless creativity, and an overall tailored approach, then it’s time to drop by your local boutique for a tête-à-tête.

And naturally, we hope you choose Entre Les Lignes.

Looking for a translation agency that gets luxury, nuance, and keeping your voice on-brand? Get in touch with us today.