The 5 Best Boutique Translation Agencies in Belgium

15th Dec 2020
Entre les lignes

The quest for the best boutique translation agency in Belgium

When you’re hard-pressed for time and need a translation that’s on-brand, chic, and makes your press release sound like a Vogue feature piece, where do you go? And what do you do when you need a translation agency that understands the nuances of Belgian culture and how to glide effortlessly between the country’s languages?

Do you scour the internet for a generalized ranking of fabulous translation agencies in Belgium? Do you hit up friends or colleagues for clues?

We thought it would be a nifty experiment to see what Google comes up with when looking for translation agencies in Belgium. But when we asked Google to show us her wares, all we got was cookie-cutter lists and a jumble of sites with little of interest to tell. But…

Today’s your lucky day. You’re here and that means you’ve finally found your new favorite go-to for Belgian translation agencies. And not just any agencies, the best boutique translation agencies in Belgium!

After all, style and content are everything. Why would you sacrifice your brand on the altar of translation bingo?

Disclaimer: Before we get started though, please don’t read this as a ranking in any particular order. Each of these agencies shines in its own field and, from time to time, there may even be a little crossover. 

Think of it as a sampling of the sweetest Belgium has to offer in translation delights, from superb copy to green-powered expertise to medical and more!

Photo by Chelsea Audibert, Unsplash.

Entre les lignes 

👋 Hi! That’s us! Did we just put ourselves first? Well, I suppose we kind of had to, didn’t we? After all, we’re from the heart of Brussels and you don’t get more Belgian than the capital.

Trifling details aside, ELL is your go-to for more than just translation. We take the time to tease out what makes your brand tick so that what comes out on the other end has you, your clients, and prospects sold from the first line. We never treat translations like one-night stands.

We adore gorgeous design and living the good life at ELL. And luxury brands hold a place dear to our hearts. We add a dash of panache to your content, so the world knows just how unique what you do is.

Translation, branding, marketing, we pull out all the stops so that your signature and that je-ne-sais-quoi, must-have quality of your brand shines through.

As a boutique Belgian translation agency, we get urban, upscale trendy, and… French like no other. Being Brussels based, we translate into all the major EU languages, but if you’re looking for polished French that turns heads, well… Just read between the lines. 😉

TL;DR: Best agency in Belgium luxury & design-focused translations in French (and other EU languages).


Need an official translation geared towards the EU elite 🇪🇺 and done to an impeccable standard? And do you want that boutique feel that comes with pairing your project with an in-house team that will give it the full tailored approach it deserves? Meet IDEST!

IDEST is only a 10-minute walk away from Brussels Central station and is precisely where you want to be for translations worthy of the European Parliament and Commission. They have a small in-house team of highly qualified translators and revisers that cover the EU’s core language combinations and are well versed in EU terminology and policies.

If only the best will do for your official EU translation, then look no further than IDEST. They’re oozing with qualifications and expertise and can handle a tight deadline in a pinch!

TL;DR: Best agency in Belgium for official EU translations.

Wilkens c.s. Medical Translations

You’d never take a sick child to your plumber for help. So surely you wouldn’t take your medical copy 🩺 to a one-size-fits-all translation agency in Belgium.

And that’s why we’re pleased to introduce you to Wilkens c.s. Medical Translations. They boast a pool of translators with top-notch expertise in regulatory affairs, clinical research, medical devices, and medical marketing. These people know what they’re doing.

Need a document that’s EMA or FDA standard compliant? Want patient-friendly texts that educate but aren’t condescending? How about an agency that’s up to speed on all the latest medical developments in human and veterinary medicine?

With a list of qualifications a mile long, we have no reservations recommending Wilkens for this highly specialized field.

TL;DR: Best agency in Belgium for human and veterinary medical and pharmaceutical translations.

Elan {Languages}

ElaN is the wild card 🃏 on our list of boutique Belgian translation agencies. Why? Well, while they may be on the margins of what we’d call boutique, they’re a lifesaver if you’ve got a HUGE project and need it done lickety-split.

ElaN is based in the heart of Flemish-speaking Limburg. They have an in-house team that translates into French, Dutch, English, and German along with a pool of freelancers who can handle up to 250 different language translations.

Their services run the gamut from translation to interpretation to language training and building your communication skills

So, while they don’t really have that boutique touch, ElaN is still a must on our top 5.

TL;DR: Best agency in Belgium for massive projects and a wide variety of linguistic solutions.

Blue Lines 

Full disclosure, there’s a little friendly rivalry going on between ELL and Blue Lines. So, what should we do? Recommend them!

Blue Lines is based in Ghent, and while they also have a solid transcreation focus, we want to recommend them for fantastic Dutch language translations. They are also 500% where you should go for sustainability, environment, and circular economy-related translations.

If you’re looking for friendly folks, top-quality translations and copy, you can’t go wrong with Blue Lines.

Oh, and did we mention that they’ve got a great green-powered, climate-neutral co-working space too? ✅ Once the pandemic has blown over, why not book a meeting room? 🤝

TL;DR: Best agency in Belgium for Dutch language translations and cutting-edge green thinking.

Quality isn’t hard to come by when you know where to look. 

Should we look you in the eye and lie and say this list is the end-all-be-all of the best translation agencies in Belgium? We would never!

But we do think of this as a great big present to you, gift-wrapped in designer paper with a magnificent silk bow on top. There are Belgian translations aplenty to pick and choose from, but we’ve narrowed the search down for you. You know what you’re looking for and now you know where to find it.

With this list in front of you, your quest for the best translation agency in Belgium for your project is over. Time to get cracking!

Looking for a translation and copywriting agency in Belgium that knows marketing, branding, and style? You’re in the right place. Get in touch with us today.