18th May 2021 - Entre les lignes Agency

Lost in Translation: How to Retain the Meaning in Translation When Writing Succinctly

To achieve translations that make people feel something, you should remember to make translation concise, inclusive, and with brevity.

30th Mar 2021 - Entre les lignes

10 years of doing things differently at Entre les lignes

To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we want to share our story: how it all began, our current work, and the future we want to build in transcreation.

23rd Mar 2021 - Entre les lignes

Entre les lignes – Putting People First

In terms of value, Entre les lignes always overdelivers. Our strategy for making that happen might surprise you though. Keep reading to find out more.

26th Jan 2021 - Entre Les Lignes

The Best Translation Agencies of 2021 – How to Spot Your Prada in the Land of Knockoffs

Avoid knockoffs and disappointing translations. Click for a simple go-to list of agencies you can rely on to treat your project with care.

12th Jan 2021 - Entre les lignes

Louis Vuitton’s Christmas Campaign Translates Their Signature Bon Ton into Your Bien-Être

Creative translations require talent, hard work, and a powder keg of creative pixie dust. Want an example? Check out Louis Vuitton’s Christmas Campaign!

15th Dec 2020 - Entre les lignes

The 5 Best Boutique Translation Agencies in Belgium

If you’re looking for the 5 best translation agencies in Belgium you’ve just hit the jackpot. Your quest is over and it’s time to get in touch!