13th Apr 2021 - Entre les lignes

The Art of Translating Slogans

Adapting a brand’s slogan for a new market is a delicate art. We show you how to creatively translate slogans to convey meaning and emotional texture, with our favourite examples.

19th Jan 2021 - Entre les lignes

Look before you leap – a glimpse at luxury branding in Belgium

In theory, luxury brands are above positioning, but in the real world, things can be a lot trickier. Find out how it works in Belgium and how our Holy Grail could save the day!

22nd Dec 2020 - Entre les lignes

Do Invite Only Marketing Strategies Work For Global Startups? Dance, German Mobility Startup Thinks So

Dance e-bike is joining the micromobility revolution with their brand-spanking-new, invite-only subscription service. Curious about their sustainable approach? Keep reading!