The price of our translations (and what you get for it)

Why our translations cost what they do and how to compare translation prices.


The perfect translation briefing exists (+ free checklist)

A complete 10-step guide for providing your translation team with the perfect briefing. You’ll benefit from an efficient process and get the result you wanted.


TONE OF VOICE – Just tone it down a bit, will you?

The tone of voice of your brand or your company. How do you define and translate it?

29th Sep 2021 - Entre les lignes Agency

TRANSCREATION – For successful marketing translations

Marketing content and copy that goes straight to the heart, including your international audiences too. Avoid your precious copy withering on the vine just because of a translation. Forget translations, the time has come for transcreations.

6th Jul 2021 - Entre les lignes

Can Poetry be Translated? The Unique Challenges of Recreating a Poem

Some say poetry gets lost in translation – but a new poem is gained. We celebrate the complex beauty of poetry translation with key examples.

15th Jun 2021 - Entre les lignes

The 10 Most Impactful and Inspirational Global Campaigns in 2021

The top 10 most inspirational and moving global campaigns of 2021 so far.

8th Jun 2021 - Entre les lignes

2021 Virtual Awards Season: How the Culture Industry Got Creative

2021 awards ceremonies have had to find creative ways to connect with audiences through a mix of virtual and live events. Here are some of the best.

18th May 2021 - Entre les lignes Agency

Lost in Translation: How to Retain the Meaning in Translation When Writing Succinctly

To achieve translations that make people feel something, you should remember to make translation concise, inclusive, and with brevity.

11th May 2021 - Entre les lignes Agency

Language Museums: Celebrating the Culture of Words

Language museums offer unique linguistic & cultural opportunities. Our favourites include the National Museum of Language & Museum of the Portuguese Language.

27th Apr 2021 - Entre les lignes

Culture Beyond Borders: How Technology Breathes Life into Multilingual Museum Showrooms

As technology grows, many museums are turning online. Here’s how technology impacts museums and breaks down the linguistic barriers in art.

13th Apr 2021 - Entre les lignes

The Art of Translating Slogans

Adapting a brand’s slogan for a new market is a delicate art. We show you how to creatively translate slogans to convey meaning and emotional texture, with our favourite examples.

30th Mar 2021 - Entre les lignes

10 years of doing things differently at Entre les lignes

To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we want to share our story: how it all began, our current work, and the future we want to build in transcreation.

23rd Mar 2021 - Entre les lignes

Entre les lignes – Putting People First

In terms of value, Entre les lignes always overdelivers. Our strategy for making that happen might surprise you though. Keep reading to find out more.

9th Mar 2021 - Entre les lignes

The Lowdown on Transcreation and our Favourites from Last Year

Wondering what transcreation is and how it can benefit your brand? Find out how to do it right here!

23rd Feb 2021 - Entre Les Lignes

As Centre Pompidou in Paris Closes, KANAL - Centre Pompidou in Brussels Keeps the Flame Alive

With the Centre Pompidou set to close for four years, art lovers have a brand-new, inclusive cultural hub to look forward to in Brussels. Discover KANAL – Centre Pompidou.

9th Feb 2021 - Entre les lignes

How to Bridge the Dutch-Belgian Cultural Gap and Stay On-Brand

Translating your brand into multiple languages is a tough task, but it gets trickier when you have the same language, but two completely different cultures. Want to know how to solve that issue? Keep reading!

26th Jan 2021 - Entre Les Lignes

The Best Translation Agencies of 2021 – How to Spot Your Prada in the Land of Knockoffs

Avoid knockoffs and disappointing translations. Click for a simple go-to list of agencies you can rely on to treat your project with care.

19th Jan 2021 - Entre les lignes

Look before you leap – a glimpse at luxury branding in Belgium

In theory, luxury brands are above positioning, but in the real world, things can be a lot trickier. Find out how it works in Belgium and how our Holy Grail could save the day!

12th Jan 2021 - Entre les lignes

Louis Vuitton’s Christmas Campaign Translates Their Signature Bon Ton into Your Bien-Être

Creative translations require talent, hard work, and a powder keg of creative pixie dust. Want an example? Check out Louis Vuitton’s Christmas Campaign!

5th Jan 2021 - Entre Les Lignes

2020, The Year and PR Campaigns That Inspired Us to Be Our Best & Focus on What Counts

The best global PR campaigns of 2020 are the ones that bring out the best in you. It’s time to think outside of the box and bring people together!

22nd Dec 2020 - Entre les lignes

Do Invite Only Marketing Strategies Work For Global Startups? Dance, German Mobility Startup Thinks So

Dance e-bike is joining the micromobility revolution with their brand-spanking-new, invite-only subscription service. Curious about their sustainable approach? Keep reading!

15th Dec 2020 - Entre les lignes

The 5 Best Boutique Translation Agencies in Belgium

If you’re looking for the 5 best translation agencies in Belgium you’ve just hit the jackpot. Your quest is over and it’s time to get in touch!

8th Dec 2020 - Entre Les Lignes

Say it with style – how the cowboy bike’s smart PR campaigns cornered the market

The cowboy bike capitalized on great design and communication to raise oodles of funds in record time. Find out how to connect with your target and wow!